Pilates Classes for Fitness and Recovery

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What is Pilates?

Pilates is a form of low-impact exercise that aims to strengthen muscles while improving postural alignment and flexibility. Reduces stress and tension and improves joint mobility. It will balance out muscles so they are always used to their full potential.

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What is Pilates good for?

Pilates is good for toning muscles throughout the body to become more flexible and coordinated, calmes the mind, improves core strength and has pelvic health benefits. With the right exercises it is particularly good for the gradual recovery of damaged muscles and as a treatment for many other physical conditions.

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Approach to teaching:

Maya's teaching offers resources for dynamic stability, awareness, resilience and adaptability.  By using a combination of Reformer and Mat, exercises can be tailored to help steer client's to improve movement and achieve their goals.

Pilates Reformer classes

Reformer classes for focus on specific areas of the body using resistance of springs.

Mat classes for flexibility, stretching and workouts

Pilates Mat classes


“I have been doing a weekly one to one reformer class with Maya since September 2021. I had found myself struggling with shoulder and back pain due to long days at my desk so needed to sort the problems out. She has not only sorted out my back but helped me through recovery from a torn knee cartilage. Maya has been a great support since I developed auto-immune muscular problems, she has adapted each week’s session depending on my fluctuating levels of ability and energy. I am stronger than ever and as I recover I can get back to life as normal because she has kept me fit and strong. Maya has made me feel totally at ease, explaining every exercise and move expertly. I now feel that my core strength has improved along with balance and posture. I would thoroughly recommend Maya as a teacher.”


“I have done over 50 hours of reformer 1-1's with Maya so far and she has managed to alleviate my shoulder pain (car accident related) as well as build strength and stability. As far as instructors go, she is very responsive to what you want to get out of your Pilates sessions and has an extremely good rapport with her clients, treating them with respect as well as aiding their needs. I would highly recommend Maya as an instructor to anyone wanting to increase their fitness, reduce their pain from an injury or just add general strength and tone to their body.”

Sam Kay