Maya - Pilates Instructor

Maya Taylor- Pilates Teacher

Maya is an experienced movement teacher and is continually developing her skills as a communicator and observer. As a fully accredited Reformer Polestar Pilates practitioner, including Mat instructor through Choreographytogo, Maya is always developing her knowledge by attending workshops and courses.


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Polestar Pilates certifications:
Gateway Mat level 1
Reformer levels 1, 2 and 3

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Choreographytogo certifications:
Active IQ Level 3 Diploma in Mat work
Fitness Pilates for Older Adults
Advanced Fitness Pilates in Pregnancy

Training by Diane Nye

  • Franklin Method:
    • Relax your neck, liberate your shoulders
    • Pelvic power
    • Pelvic floor in three dimensions
    • Abdominals another approach
    • Imagery for a strong, flexible, healthy spine
  • Master Class workshop for Osteoporosis
  • Fitness screening
  • Verbal and imagery cues and effective tactile cueing in a Covid world
  • Body reading workshop
  • Progressions and Regressions


Training by Galina Bell:

  • Spinal mobility workshop
  • Release of head, neck and shoulders
  • Breathing workshop
  • Exploring the ribcage
  • Rolling like a ball workshop
  • Exploring extension
  • The Labyrinth of the inner ear
  • Sacroilic joint

Training by Alaister Greetham:

  • Lower extremity pathologies
  • Transitions of movement
  • Anatomy of movement series
  • Upper extremity pathologies
  • Hand and wrist pathologies
  • What is core control? connecting through our centre
  • Chronic pain workshop
  • Pelvis and lumbar spine
  • Relationship between the shoulder girdle, thoracic spine, head and neck

Other workshops attended:

  • Christi Idavoy
    • Bones, joints and Geaometry Mat masterclass
    • Rooting through the core
  • Kristin Loeer
    • 'Grounding in motion' somatic movement
    • Introduction to somatic movement
  • Vikki Harris - Reformer on the Mat
  • Serafino Ambrosia - Pilates for lower back pain
  • Lis Bussey - Human home project
  • Shelly Power - Work smarter not harder
  • Jeanne Di Bon - Movement strategies for hypermobile clients

Why Maya became a Pilates Instructor:

Maya was diagnosed with Scoliosis at the age of thirteen and this began her journey into finding methods of improving spinal and related muscle issues and decreasing chronic pain. Her personal journey into managing her condition began with a four week course at the Scoliosis SOS clinic in London. This was the beginning of developing an understanding of how the spine functions, gave her the knowledge of how scoliosis is never the same from one person to another and how an exercise plan can be catered to different curvatures.

Maya found that Pilates exercises worked in a similar fashion to those used by the scoliosis clinic, allowing focus on strengthening and relaxing tight back muscles and building the core supporting muscles but without putting pressure where it can cause harm or pain. Using a Reformer allows controlled and direct focus on the areas needing attention. After experiencing the benefits of Pilates herself she decided to pursue her career in this field and help others through the use of Pilates techniques.

Maya's Pilates Training

After a detailed investigation of the various Pilates organisations and the teaching courses available she opted for the Polestar course because it is the most comprehensive and highly accredited. The course spanned several years of intensive physical practice and training on the Reformer and a further 40 hours of private 1-1 mentoring sessions which Maya did with Diane Nye, the highest level educator in the UK Polestar team. The course also required observation of 50 hours of Polestar instruction and 50 hours of one on one teaching practice. Examinations required an in depth knowledge of anatomy, anatomical points, contraindication needs, health and safety, anatomy of breathing, axial elongation and core control, spine articulation, organisation of head, neck and shoulders, alignment and weight bearing of the extremity, movement integration.

She continues studying new Pilates techniques and has expanded into physio therapy techniques to broaden her knowledge even further and is now helping people suffering from chronic pain and back pathologies as well as a host of other physical conditions.

Maya uses functional testing of new clients to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses to help them achieve their goals in a safe and progressive manner. The sessions are varied utilising her knowledge of over 130 core Pilates Reformer exercises along with their variations and the use of props to take into consideration the ability of the client.